Patricia Morrison

Patricia MorrisonTitle: Senior Database Architect

Company: Insight

Location: Franklin, MA

Franklin, Massachusetts | November 23, 2010 | Patricia Morrison, Senior Database Architect for Insight, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for her dedication, achievements, and leadership in Information Technology solutions.

With an expertise in the design, development, maintenance, and transformation of enterprise level data systems, Ms. Morrison is the global “go to” person for data management. As Senior Database Architect, Ms. Morrison corresponds with the technical team, determines customers’ needs, indentifies data solutions, plans strategies for data acquisitions, designs and implements complex relational databases and data warehouses, conducts reporting, and assist in auditing. Ms. Morrison attributes her success to her attention to detail and persistence. As a professional in the IT industry, Ms. Morrison enjoys being admired by her peers and being rewarded for her hard work and dedication.

Ms. Morrison values the support she receives from her mother, Clara Denyer, and sister, Martha Denyer. She would also like to acknowledge her sons, Adam, 12-years-old and Tyler, 7-years-old. Her mentor, Murali Rangarajan, taught her to never approach a boss with a problem, but to approach a boss with two to three solutions to the problem. She believes her unique ability to troubleshoot sets her apart in her field and advises others in the IT industry to pay attention to detail, respect your peers, and acknowledge the accomplishments of others.

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Patricia Morrison

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