Pamela Nickerson

Pamela NickersonTitle: Co-Owner, Treasurer

Company: Benjamin T. Nickerson, Inc.

Location: Chatham, MA

Pamela J. Nickerson is the Co-Owner and Treasurer of Benjamin T. Nickerson, Inc., a waste management company based in Chatham, Massachusetts. Specializing in operations management and radio transmission, Ms. Nickerson supports company goals and its vision to suit the unique needs of its clients by processing payroll, attending to phone calls, overseeing all office operations including six employees and seven trucks, and managing full waste service. She handles human resources, payroll, and billing and invoicing, and she also drives and fixes the trucks when necessary. Ms. Nickerson became involved in her profession because she decided to remain within the family-owned business after her father retired and brother purchased the company from him to continue the legacy. She feels that the most gratifying aspect of her career is the recognition and credibility she receives from the clients she assists on a regular basis, as she is committed to providing for them top-notch levels of service.

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Pamela Nickerson

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