Nelson L. Moody Sr.

Nelson L. Moody Sr.Title: 1) Security 2) Author

Company: 1) The Johns Hopkins Hospital 2) Self-Employed

Location: Baltimore, MD, United States

Nelson L. Moody Sr. is a Published Author who has garnered a reputation of distinction for fighting a battle that is usually forfeited daily by males in America. He has been in the ring defending his title of the definition of a man, father and most importantly, “a dad”. He has had the scar of growing up fatherless in Baltimore, Maryland, and at present, his actions of being an ideal father for his kids would put them in a better situation than he was as a child. Mr. Moody, who was honorably discharged from military service in 1986, has authored and published four books since 1999, titled “When a Judge Can’t Judge” (1999), “When a Judge Can’t Judge II” (2002) and “Men Are Loving, Caring Parents Too,” (2007), and “A Fathers Self Representation” (2008). He is passionate about ensuring the rights of custodial fathers. His books are from the heart are based on personal experiences surrounding a custodial situation with his son. Mr. Moody has built a riveting television presence, appearing on Destiny and Purpose TV. He has been named Employee of the Month on two occasions in 2009 and 2010 at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has also been featured in The Hartford Owl Newspaper, The Baltimore Times Newspaper and The Power Magazine. Mr. Moody has written a screenplay based on his first two publications.

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Nelson L. Moody Sr.

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