Nancy Wedman

Nancy WedmanTitle: Physical Therapist (Retired)

Company: Anne Carlsen Center for Children

Location: Jamestown, ND

Jamestown, North Dakota | December 14, 2010 | Nancy L. Wedman, LPT, retired physical therapist at Anne Carlsen Center for Children, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in physical therapy.

With vast experience treating children with congenital and acquired disabilities, Ms. Wedman entered the field of physical therapy after watching her sister recover through extensive therapy. She dedicated 40 years as a physical therapist at Anne Carlsen Center for Children, a school dedicated to teaching children with disabilities independence and valuable life skills. With a strong belief in the value of the work she was doing, Ms. Wedman enjoyed working with the same children for many years and treasured the opportunity to help them succeed. She cherished watching as students graduated the Anne Carlsen Center for Children and went on to become independent adults and as some went on to earn master’s degrees. For others seeking a successful career in physical therapy, Ms. Wedman advises to be confident in your skills and knowledge and never give up hope for the success of those with disabilities.

As a physical therapist, Ms. Wedman consulted for two different nursing homes during summer breaks and worked with outpatient toddlers who were too young to attend the Anne Carlsen school. A key responsibility of Ms. Wedman’s position at Anne Carlsen Center for Children was helping to find the right treatment protocols for children with physical or cognitive disabilities so that they could become as independent as possible. Once she determined the best treatment she would teach aides how to conduct the treatments with each child. She was also responsible for performing evaluations of the students and providing consultations. Ms. Wedman always ensured she had a hands-on approach to coordinating programs for occupational and speech therapy, which allowed her to reinforce individual skills in all areas.

Ms. Wedman is a graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in pre-physical therapy. She is a certified physical therapist from the Mayo Clinic School of Physical Therapy in Rochester, Minnesota and a licensed physical therapist. She has been honored with Service Awards and an Award of Appreciation. Ms. Wedman has retained affiliations with the American Association of University Women and is a former member of the North Dakota Physical Therapy Association and the American Physical Therapy Association. She has volunteered her abilities and expertise at a local hospice and home health care facility and hopes to continue to serve her community by volunteering in the future.

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Nancy Wedman

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