Melissa Bauman

Melissa BaumanTitle: Program Manager

Company: Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

Location: Potomac, MD

POTOMAC, MD, December 2, 2011, Melissa Bauman, Program Manager for Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in information technology management.

With more than 25 years of professional experience, Ms. Bauman shines in her field by bringing to the arena a proactive approach to managing sustainability. She has garnered a reputation of distinction for her ability to write off quick fixes and avoid the need for crisis management tools, and make the most of a strong business foundation while maintaining loyalty among staff and customers. In her current role, Ms. Bauman manages the development of new “Software as a Service” technologies for the financial industry.

Ms. Bauman has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience over the course of her career, and she continues to strive for excellence in her every endeavor. As an expert on information technology management, she notably removed the risk of a mission-critical document management system from being aborted, and helped the company by providing the crucial reinforcement that it needed at the time. When the one person who created and maintained the system resigned, there was no one left to support the system. In utilizing her technology savvy, Ms. Bauman eliminated a critical single point of failure. Over a period of years, Ms. Bauman has used a variety of solutions to provide much needed on-going support while building an internal team.

For Ms. Bauman, flourishing in the field of information technology has stemmed from a combination of hard work, strong teamwork and impeccable ethics. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University and an MBA in Finance from The George Washington University. She also received accreditation as a Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute, Inc. She was inspired to pursue her current career path by a long-standing desire to improve business productivity using a combination of technology and business solutions.

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Melissa Bauman

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