Marlene Glickman

Marlene GlickmanTitle: Executive Director of Western New York (Retired)

Company: American Jewish Committee

Location: Williamsville, NY

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY, November 3, 2011, Marlene Glickman, Retired Executive Director of Western New York’s American Jewish Committee, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in executive leadership.

Ms. Glickman has amassed more than 20 years of professional experience, and throughout her career, she has demonstrated profound leadership proficiencies. In her former capacity, she was responsible for building the organization, developing leadership initiatives, and working within the community and with different religious groups and cultures. She raised funds, and founded the Interface Seder in 1981, a community of organization that is still in effect, and works with 13 major religions in the world. Ms. Glickman also holds a board position for Network of Religious Communities.

After retiring more than ten years ago, Ms. Glickman maintained her passion for networking and helping people. She has always enjoyed working with a diverse group of people, and at present, she is able to do so as she spends half of the year in Puerto Rico and the other half in Buffalo, New York. She is committed to supporting initiatives that safeguard and strengthen Jews and the Jewish life, as well as helping people within her community and abroad.

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Marlene Glickman

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