Marc Gallon

Marc GallonTitle: Advanced Services Specialist

Company: Comcast

Location: Lake Stevens, WA, United States

Marc Gallon is an Advanced Services Specialist for Comcast, a renowned telecommunications company and provider of Internet, telephone and cable television services. Mr. Gallon specializes in the Internet and networking, and in his current capacity, he oversees telecommunications, residential and commercial cable, and Internet services for Comcast’s western region. He is also in charge of handling data, identifying trends, and offering diagnoses. He has amassed more than 36 years of professional experience, and he feels that he has been able to accomplish his professional goals due to sheer perseverance, hard work, and heightened listening abilities. Mr. Gallon served in the aviation and aerospace industry for over 35 years, and he intends to experience continued growth in his new career with Comcast.

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Marc Gallon

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