Louis Young

Louis YoungTitle: Director

Company: Veolia Transportation, Inc.

Location: North Las Vegas, NV

Louis P. Young Jr., WSO-CSS is the Director of Safety, Training and Security for Veolia Transportation, Inc., a leader in the transportation industry, and the largest private provider of multiple modes of transportation in North America. At his current post, Mr. Young is responsible for overseeing all aspects of employees’ safety, handling training and security issues, and approving incident reports utilizing multiple forms of media in an effort to prevent accidents. He also trains staff members, communicates on a regional level in order to reduce worker injuries, and collaborates with company executives in order to develop integrated plans and services that will ensure the safety of the company’s employees. With a sophisticated knowledge of the transportation industry and aviation logistics management, Mr. Young remains separated from his peers by a broad understanding of emergency medicine, an ability to work with local law enforcement, and a commitment to maintaining a safe work environment where employees do not feel threatened or disturbed. He has also garnered a reputation of distinction from his colleagues for his general approachability; Mr. Young feels he has been able to achieve success due to his motivation to “never settle for the quick answer.”

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Louis Young

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