Lotti Benker

Lotti BenkerTitle: Founder, President

Company: Help Animals Lives Today

Location: Kingsman, AZ

Having founded Help Animals Lives Today 10 years ago, Ms. Benker attributes her success to the support she receives from her community. She started the agency because she found the need for pet care services. Utilizing her expertise in pet rescue and relocation, she oversees the rescue and adoption services on a daily basis. Previously, Ms. Benker worked in mental health care at the VA Medical Center in Bath, N.Y., the United States Air Force and the United States Army Reserve. She holds an MBA, with a concentration in psychology, from The College at Brockport. At the helm of the rescue and adoption agency, Ms. Benker has aided animal transport initiatives for the relocation of more than 3000 pets to other no-kill facilities for adoptions, and has placed more than 2500 pets from Alaska to Alabama. She works to seek financial assistance from community members and organizations, as the company is not funded by any source and she is ever passionate about saving abandoned pets.

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Lotti Benker

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