Lisa Kellogg

Lisa KelloggTitle: Associate Advisor, Director of New Hire Operations and Retention

Company: First Command Financial Planning

Location: Arlington, VA

Margaret E. “Lisa” Kellogg is an Associate Advisor and Director of New Hire Operations and Retention for First Command Financial Planning, a financial service company in Arlington, Virginia. In her capacity, Ms. Kellogg utilizes a vast array of talents in order to ensure that processes are being run smoothly. She is responsible for co-creating the retention and training program, on-boarding and providing internal training for new advisors, coordinating other teammates’ schedules for student and trainee mentoring, and shadowing experiences from administrative procedures to product knowledge lectures. Ms. Kellogg also organizes and formats the summer internship and externship programs, works closely with centers of influence in university career services departments, travels to campuses to co-facilitate career fair and information sessions and on-campus interviews, and organizes on-campus social events for the students who are either being hired or brought on through the internship and externship programs. Additionally, Ms. Kellogg serves as a registered supervisory principal and acts on administrative compliance duties when the district advisor is out of the office. She continues to build on an ever-expansive skill set, as she has strived for excellence in her every endeavor throughout a career that has spanned nearly two decades.

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Lisa Kellogg

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