Linda Savanauskas

Linda SavanauskasTitle: Learning and Design Consultant

Company: Savvan Associates

Location: Cary, NC

Linda S. Savanauskas, MSM is a Learning and Design Consultant for the Education and Information Technology Department at Savvan Associates, a leading provider of education and learning consulting services. With nearly two decades of professional experience under her belt, Ms. Savanauskas shines as an award-winning designer of e-learning content and other sophisticated learning tools. She is responsible for designing leadership and management curriculum programs to improve professional skills, facilitating leadership and management workshops, and writing sales training scripts for companies and sales teams globally. She is a recipient of the 2005 Brandon Hall Copper Award for Custom Design as granted by Red Hat Product Essentials, the 2007 Technology in Action Award with Training as granted by the Magazine for a Business Simulation Program, the 2007 Brandon Hall Gold Excellence in Learning Award for Custom Design, and the 2008 Horizon Bronze International Award for Customized eLearning Content. Ms. Savanauskas would like her input to contribute to expanded sales forces and management teams, and to improve on the quality of productivity for companies worldwide, with an emphasis on the United States. She intends to contribute to improve the economic status. She also volunteers for political campaigns and supports candidates running for legislative positions in her precinct area.

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Linda Savanauskas

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