Leslie Peterson

Leslie PetersonTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Terra Energy Group

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Leslie Peterson is the Chief Executive Officer of the Terra Energy Group, a privately held and operated firm located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area of Texas, that was founded in 2008. Ms. Peterson shines as an expert in land management, and in her current capacity, she is responsible for overseeing daily operations and managing research and drilling programs for the company. With more than 21 years of professional experience under her belt, Ms. Peterson attributes her success to sheer perseverance after having recognized and accomplished her goals to successfully run the family business. Ms. Peterson is also the chief executive officer of Gran Terra LLC, a privately held company that owns and has knowledge of leasehold estates. She holds a Real Estate License and supports such worthy causes as Keep a Child Alive and CARE, and in her spare time, Ms. Peterson enjoys writing and gourmet cooking.

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Leslie Peterson

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