Leona Jalene Crosthwait

Leona Jalene CrosthwaitTitle: Technical Advisor

Company: United States Department of the Treasury | Internal Revenue Service

Location: Washington Terrace, UT

Washington Terrace, Utah | November 17, 2010 | Leona Jalene Crosthwait, Technical Advisor for the United States Department of the Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service Department, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for her dedication, determination, and leadership in all aspects of tax return processing and preparation.

An expert in employee management, staffing and resources analysis, Ms. Crosthwait has dedicated nearly a decade as a technical advisor for the Internal Revenue Service. As a technical advisor, Ms. Crosthwait monitors production and quality of work processes, generates managerial and quarterly reports, and provides statistical support to front-line managers and upper level management. Ms. Crosthwait attributes her success in her over 34 year career to her patience and honesty. She is extremely passionate about her career and enjoys her work and colleagues.

Ms. Crosthwait began her career with the Internal Revenue Service as a keyboard operator 34 years ago and has since worked her way up the ladder to her current position as technical advisor. She is a four-time recipient of the Superior Performance Award and has received an Outstanding Performance Award for her hard work and dedication with the Internal Revenue Service. She has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who® publishing as the 2010-2011 Professional of the Year for the Federal Tax Services Industry. As a person who progressed her career status through hard work and determination, Ms. Crosthwait advises others to never give up attempting to achieve your goals.

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Leona Jalene Crosthwait

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