Leo Dortch

Leo DortchTitle: Director of Finishing Operations

Company: Finishing Innovations, LLC

Location: Mason, TN, United States

Leo Dortch is the Director of Finishing Operations at Finishing Innovations, LLC, a leading medical device company. Mr. Dortch specializes in the training of others, and in his current capacity, he is responsible for managing production, ensuring that floor operations are fit for duty, and for meeting deadlines. He also trains staff members, interprets blueprints, visits facilities, and communicates with customers. With nearly four decades of professional experience under his belt, Mr. Dortch shines as a luminary in his field, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company he serves. He became involved in his profession because it was simply a job that was available at the time. After initially not liking the job, he warmed up to it when he realized it took special skills to perform the task and decided that he would learn everything that he could in order to become one of the best in the industry. After having accomplished many of his professional goals, Mr. Dortch pinpoints the highlight of his career as being recognized as an expert in the field with a reputation as one of the best, and having people that he’s never met before tell him they have heard so many good things about him.

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Leo Dortch

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