Larry Casarta

Larry CasartaTitle: VP of Exploration

Company: Black Diamond Energy

Location: Katy, TX, United States

Larry Casarta is the Vice President of Exploration at Black Diamond Energy, a leading oil and gas exploration and production company. Over the course of a successful career, Mr. Casarta has amassed more than 28 years of oil industry experience in the Rocky Mountain region, Canada, Alaska, and southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Papua, New Guinea, the Philippines and Australia. He has worked in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Canada for six years, mainly the thrust belt and associated foreland basins. He has worked 11 years in Alaska, Cook Inlet and North Slope, and 11 years in Southeast Asia. He lived in Indonesia for eight years, and in Alaska for 16 years. Presently he lives in Istanbul, Turkey. He has identified opportunities and crafted proposals for new business development. He has directed large turnaround projects and led cross-functional teams responsible for exploration, appraisal and development. He has developed exploration programs, strategic business plans and acquisition strategies that have lead to the discovery of more than 4 BBOE, recoverable. He is a proven hydrocarbon finder. He has discovered hydrocarbons in geologically simple and complex areas around the world. He has done about everything there is related to oil and gas exploration and development as a geologist, seismic interpreter and as a manager. Technically, he has done basin analysis, regional studies, prospect generation, fracture analysis, source and reservoir rock analysis, generation and migration of hydrocarbons studies, seal formation and seismic interpretation of potential traps, stratigraphic and structural. He has been the SVP/Manager/Technical Coordinator of several major projects involving multidisciplinary teams. He has lead, planned, organized and implemented technical and operational meetings with other companies and with governments, domestic and foreign. He has negotiated contracts with foreign governments, oil companies and oil field vendors. He has directed/managed field development, wildcat exploration and new ventures, including acquisitions and divestitures projects. He has diverse experience with areas, projects, cultures and people. He is a dedicated, hard-working, innovative and creative individual, and a team player.

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Larry Casarta

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