Kevin Frye

Kevin FryeTitle: Vice President of Operations

Company: Affinity Armor Products

Location: Butler, PA

Kevin P. Frye is the Vice President of Operations for Affinity Armor Products, a leading manufacturer of ballistic armor. In his role as VP of Operations, Mr. Frye oversees administrative operations, maintains the company’s budgets, and ensures that customers are always satisfied. With more than 36 years of professional experience, he attributes his success as an executive to his strong interpersonal skills, and to the knowledge and hands-on experience he gained after working in the steel industry. Mr. Frye is a two-time Safety Award recipient, and he continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor. Additionally, he stands strong in his beliefs in morals and ethics as a Freemason, and he continues to build on his ever-expansive managerial skills in his current professional capacity. Mr. Frye enjoys golfing in his spare time.

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Kevin Frye

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