Kenneth Kulbeda

Kenneth KulbedaTitle: Senior Project Manager

Company: EMG

Location: Hunt Valley, MD

HUNT VALLEY, MD, January 16, 2012, Kenneth Kulbeda, Senior Project Manager of Asset Management at EMG, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in environmental and facility assessment services.

With a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of property assessment, and in interior, exterior and structural architecture, Mr. Kulbeda evaluates properties for government work, housing authorities and schools. He also interacts with financial institutions and diversified clients, and reviews reports.  For nearly four decades, Mr. Kulbeda has been building on an ever-expansive skill set, and he has garnered a reputation of distinction for his strengths in facility assessment. He was honored as a Professional of the Year in Facility Assessment Service by Cambridge Who’s Who, and he continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor.

Mr. Kulbeda became involved in his profession after performing some architectural work while in high school. He decided to make it his career and eventually branched into construction, as he felt there were more opportunities. Thereafter, he was able to flourish and advance progressively in his chosen career path. He has worked for a number of reputable companies, including as a project architect for Ralph Burke Associates, a project manager and project architect for SEC Donahue, Inc., and as a senior project manager for Construction Cost Systems/Owners Service Group, Inc.

Over the course of a productive and prosperous career, Mr. Kulbeda has been able to design buildings that accommodate the needs of people throughout a number of communities, and serve both businesses and individuals. Among talented individuals, Mr. Kulbeda stands out because of his expertise, performance and hard work. Mr. Kulbeda would like to be remembered by his peers as someone they could ask for advice, because of his expertise. He’ll also be remembered as a leader with the ability to motivate and unite interdisciplinary team members to increase quality and efficiency.

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Kenneth Kulbeda

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