Keith Wodicka

Keith WodickaTitle: Supervisor

Company: Aramark

Location: Terre Haute, IN

Terre Haute, May 18, 2011, Keith Wodicka, Supervisor for Aramark, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in employee management.

Nearly three decades ago, Mr. Wodicka joined Aramark for the challenging and fascinating work opportunities it offered. A dedicated hard worker, he rose through the ranks to his current supervisory position as a result of his proven ability to meet the needs of his customers. He achieves this by keeping a close eye on his employees and ensuring they are staying on task. Holding a genuine desire to see them succeed, Mr. Wodicka provides necessary support to his employees to overcome obstructions. In recognition of his duty, he was honored with the Spirit of Service Award. Moving forward, he intends to continue growing within Aramark.

Outside of his profession, Mr. Wodicka enjoys a variety of leisure activities. Exercising his culinary know-how, he is known for his pizza-making expertise. He also likes to explore his interest in technology through working on computers.

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Keith Wodicka

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