Karen Riel

Karen RielTitle: Director, Treasurer

Company: Community Outreach Association Shelter Team

Location: Port Hadlock, WA

An expert in business development, Karen Riel has demonstrated her hard work and compassion for 16 years through her dedication to nonprofit organizations. Currently, she serves as director and treasurer of Community Outreach Association Shelter in Port Hadlock, Washington, where she bears the responsibility of overseeing budget, sheltering and fundraising. In addition to coordinating initiatives in the community, she works with a volunteer group of more than 400 individuals to promote services for the homeless. A graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary, Ms. Riel earned a master’s degree in 1983. Looking forward, she intends to build a permanent facility for the homeless and continue following the path that God paved for her.

For more information about Karen Riel, please visit http://www.communityoutreachassociationshelterteam.com.

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Karen Riel

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