Karen Kimble

Karen KimbleTitle: Founder, Notary Signing Agent, Real Estate Investor

Company: Vilanza Luxe, LLC

Location: Houston, TX

Karen Kimble is the founder of Vilanza Luxe, LLC, a real estate and mortgage company which offers a refined focus on real estate, mortgage and investment services.  She is also a notary signing agent and real estate investor. As a former loan officer for two years, Ms. Kimble is familiar with mortgage loan documents. Being a teacher for 28 years has sharpened her attention to detail, which has always been one of her strengths. With a long-standing passion for working in the real estate industry and offering premium service at all times, Ms. Kimble strives to be professional and reliable at the helm of the real estate and mortgage firm. She remains abreast of trends and developments in real estate, and at present, she invests in foreclosed homes and provides notary and loan signing services. She is committed to providing first-rate service to first-time home buyers and giving them the support they deserve.

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Karen Kimble

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