Judith Lynn Plotz Brannigan

Judith Lynn Plotz BranniganTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Specialty Consulting International, Inc.

Location: Kaneohe, HI, United States

Judith Lynn Plotz Brannigan is the CEO of Specialty Consulting International, Inc., a premier marketing and consulting firm specializing in medical insurance and benefits challenges, and Medicare plans and interaction with corporate medical benefit plans. Ms. Plotz Brannigan possesses a refined expertise in business administration with a concentration on medical benefits for corporations, and on medical insurance, and in her current capacity, she focuses on consulting, corporate benefits, employee education, medical cost increases and plan design, and oversees Medicare and retiree insurances. Ms. Plotz Brannigan is also responsible for marketing, managing operations, implementing medical benefits, and educating customers on health care.

Ms. Plotz Brannigan, an award-winning professional who has garnered a reputation of distinction for her exceptional efforts, attributes her success to her thinking out of the box, go where no one has gone before and to be creative but legally and financially compliant. She is an eight-time finalist for the Pacific Business News Business Woman of the Year Award, and she holds a number of appointments including a seat on the Executive Board of Directors of Catholic Charities, and on the Board of Directors of the Secretary Navy League of Honolulu. Over the course of a successful career, Ms. Plotz Brannigan has made valuable contributions of her talents to a number of projects; she pinpoints her greatest career achievement as her designing Exxon Corporation’s Employee Assistance Program with Dr. Stockman in 1986 and working on the Health Alliance Plan for the Ford Motor Company in 1980. She continuously strives for excellence in her every endeavor and makes every effort to bring forth cutting-edge ideas and execution to her marketing initiatives.

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Judith Lynn Plotz Brannigan

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