Joanne Garrard Barton

Joanne Garrard BartonTitle: Presidnet

Company: Garrard Barton Development Corp

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

Joanne Garrard Barton is the President of Home Décor & Design at Garrard Barton Development Corp. With heightened strengths in design, home staging and fine arts, Ms. Garrard Barton makes the most of her talents as head of the online retail home accessories store, bringing forth a vast and sprawling knowledge of art and design to her company. She is primarily responsible for overseeing all aspects of the online store, designing and staging show homes in the construction industry, and demonstrating for her clients her award-winning capabilities. Ms. Garrard Barton has received several hotel commissions for art in wall décor, and in the near future, she projects growing her company into a successful high end home accessories supplier in the retail industry.

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Joanne Garrard Barton

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