Jo Curry

Jo CurryTitle: Office Manager

Company: Woodward County Farm Bureau

Location: Woodward, OK

Jo Curry is an office manager for the Woodward County Farm Bureau, an independent, nongovernmental, voluntary organization that provides services for farm and ranch families. The county bureau works with the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, and Ms. Curry has twice been honored as the secretary of the year for the state’s northwest region. As a specialist in the area of office administration, Ms. Curry supports the organization by managing the office, delivering customer service, assisting membership needs and organizing meetings. She has amassed a wealth of experience throughout her career, which has spanned nearly half a century. Over a period of 47 years, she has excelled as a luminary in her community, earning accolades from the Oklahoma Farm Bureau in 1992 and 1993. She is proud to be able to champion the need for farmers and ranchers to feed the world through the organization that works to ensure that they make a living by providing nourishment for people around the world. She feels that she has been able to achieve high levels of success as a direct result of doing what she tells her customers what she says that she will do for them, as she understands that their needs come first.

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Jo Curry

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