Jimmy O. Sio MD Ph.D.

Jimmy O. Sio MD Ph.D.Title: President

Company: Expanding Horizons

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, California | November 3, 2010 | Jimmy O. Sio, MD, Ph.D., medical doctor and president of Expanding Horizons, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for his dedication and leadership in motivational consulting.

Expanding Horizons is a consulting firm that provides consultations on personal development and team building, distribution networks, public speaking, and sales and marketing. An expert in motivational elocution, Dr. Jimmy Sio is an innovator in his field. Dr. Sio assists his clients on everything from weight management to establishing new businesses. He is motivated by the idioms of renowned personalities, and credits his innate ability to relocate organizations and transport products as a key strength that separates him from his peers.

With over 13 years experience, Dr. Sio believes that success depends on preparing for the future, flexibility and assessment of one’s own progress. By studying the current economy, Dr. Sio is learning how his skills can contribute to the recovery efforts. Dr. Sio hopes that by becoming more multi-functional, he will have a greater impact on others. He looks to inspire people to start, continue, and pursue their dreams. If people begin to structure their lives both personally and professionally, then they will begin to have more motivation to set goals and achieve their dreams. When a person identifies what is needed to achieve their goals then they are better prepared to succeed.

Dr. Sio earned a Doctorate of Medicine (MD) at Emory University and then went on to earn a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at the University of Texas in 1985. He holds affiliations with the Kern County Medical Society, Internet Associates, LLC, American Biographical Institute, and the International Biographical Centre.

For more information about Dr. Jimmy Sio, his experience and achievements, please visit his personal website http://www.drjimmysio.com.

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Jimmy O. Sio MD Ph.D.

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