Jimmy L. Prater

Jimmy L. PraterTitle: Director of Quality Control, Department of State Air-Wing

Company: DynCorp International LLC

Location: Palm Bay, FL, United States

Jimmy L. Prater is the Director of Quality Control for the Department of State Air-Wing at DynCorp International LLC, a renowned national security provider. With a pronounced background in quality controls for aviation, Mr. Prater expertly supervises program aircraft maintenance, verifies work, and ensures inspection requirements and compliance. He manages the program technical library for seven countries, makes revisions and changes to print-training and mentoring, and performs technical direction, administrative actions, evaluations, advising and researching technical repair criteria for 16 types of aircraft. With more than 28 years of professional experience under his belt, Mr. Prater continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor, and pinpoints the highlight of his career as mentoring and interfacing with the Afghanistan National Army Air-Corp soldiers daily to help them establish industry best practices.

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Jimmy L. Prater

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