Janice Hand

Janice HandTitle: Program Director

Company: Wisconsin HIV Primary Care Support Network

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, Wisconsin | November 18, 2010 | Janice R. Hand, MBA, Program Director of the Wisconsin HIV Primary Care Support Network at the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Pediatrics Department, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for her dedication, achievements, and leadership in program development, grants management and government advocacy.

As Program Director, Ms. Hand is responsible for managing the decision-making team including social workers, nurses and other personnel. She also resolves client-related issues, oversees cash flow, performs a wide range of administrative duties, conceives community program services, writes grant proposals, expends funds within programmatic and legal parameters, develops and implements project evaluations, collects data to assess progress, and produces progress and financial reports. The most rewarding aspect of her position is the opportunity to aid in the response to save people’s lives. She has been in her current position for over 15 years but has a total of over 34 years of professional experience. With her vast experience, Ms. Hand is often rewarded by the good feeling she has knowing her career has been spent helping others.

Attributing her success to her skills in fundraising, grant writing, and fiscal management, Ms. Hand advises others to be persistent when pursuing their goals. When she is seeking to obtain a grant, she offers the pitch even if she knows the answer will be no, she states “keep on asking, even if the answer is no, because they will remember they heard the pitch for the grant.” She also knows from experience that giving can be contagious. Prior to her husband’s death, he would donate his birthday gifts to the Hope Fund, which benefits breast cancer research. Recently, a local motorcycle group remembered reading about her husband’s generous donations and they decided to honor him by also donating to the Hope Fund.

Ms. Hand earned a Master of Business Administration from Marquette University in 1983 and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Carthage College in 1980. She became a certified professional secretary in 1976 and retains affiliations with the AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families. In her spare time she volunteers with local political campaign committees, Racine County Food Bank, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Ms. Hand also owns a tavern called City Haul Lounge in Racine, Wisconsin.

Support Network, which is a statewide organization, addresses the medical and social service needs of children, youth and women with HIV and their families. In addition to intensive case management services for children, youth and women with HIV, they have a perinatal HIV prevention program that provides intensive case management for pregnant women. Ms. Hand’s work in 1981 began with those who have hemophilia and she began developing the Wisconsin HIV Primary Care Support Network.

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