James Steighner

James SteighnerTitle: Retired Deputy Director of Internal Review

Company: United States Department of the Navy

Location: Washington, DC

Washington, D.C., December 9, 2010, James Steighner, Retired Deputy Director of Internal Review for the United States Department of the Navy, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in account management.

By employing his personal mantra “dedication to perfection,” Mr. Steighner has met with copious successes throughout his 34-year-long professional career. An expert in cost analysis, he excelled in his final position with the United States Department of the Navy, where he was the point-person for various financial functions. On a daily basis, Mr. Steighner was responsible for maintaining security information, reviewing financial records, providing managerial and cost analysis in medical, legal and office operations, and verifying the accuracy of accounts payable. Further, he utilized microcomputer management while maintaining generally accepted auditing and accounting standards, and investigated complaints of malfeasance and criminal activities. Mr. Steighner upheld the highest degree of integrity while fulfilling his obligations, thus earning him a cornucopia of achievements including a computerized business systems award and a special services award for outstanding commitment from former Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Mr. Steighner’s dedicated nature is reflective of his upbringing. Born at a naval hospital in Bainbridge, Maryland, he was raised by his parents, Edith and Herbert, in their post-World War II hometown of Herman, Pennsylvania. Mr. Steighner and his siblings, Kathleen and David, were brought up modestly under the principles of religious morality and civil disobedience. He learned to value teamwork, which remained ever present throughout his professional career as he devoted himself to his country. Upon graduating from high school, Mr. Steighner pursued and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from George Mason University. Four years later, he received a Master of Arts in Business and Supervision from Central Michigan University.

Attributing his success to his faith in God, self-motivation, goal-oriented nature, and ability to overcome challenges, Mr. Steighner launched his career as a junior auditor, followed by a position as project manager in the progress reports and statistics division of the U.S. Department of the Navy. His achievements in these capacities shaped his competency in naval medicine and built his reputation as a leader in military medicinal readiness and peacetime health care delivery. It also prepared him for his work as the Deputy Director of Internal Review, and proved his sustainability in the financial aspect of the Navy. Without Mr. Steighner’s contributions, the amount of budgetary resources allocated to Navy medicine would be profoundly affected.

The stand-out accomplishment of Mr. Steighner’s career was his discovery and personal uncovering of an extremely fraudulent program. After prosecuting the individual responsible, he helped to recover over $75,000 in restitution. Upon his retirement, Mr. Steighner was commended for his countless achievements through the honor of being named Outstanding Professional of the Year in Cambridge Who’s Who Top 101 Industry Experts publication.

Post-retirement, Mr. Steighner continues in endeavors which showcase his integrity and dedication. A benevolent individual, he volunteers with the Special Olympics and participates in initiatives with the St. Wendelin Catholic Church in Butler, Pennsylvania. To “live out his dream,” he intends to establish a consultancy to parlay his comprehensive knowledge into those emerging in his industry. Further, he enjoys his longtime hobbies of participating in Bocce Tournaments, hiking, walking, reading classic novels, and spending time with his nieces and nephews, Andrew, Michael, Brandy and Melissa.

For more information about Mr. Steighner, please visit his website http://www.jimmyfsteighner.com.

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James Steighner

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