Ivy R. Ganster

Ivy R. GansterTitle: Director of Project Management for North America

Company: GE Power Conversion

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Ivy R. Ganster is the Director of Project Management for North America at GE Power Conversion, a leading engineering and manufacturing firm. With more than 33 years of professional experience under her belt, Mrs. Ganster shines as a luminary in her current role, bringing forth a sprawling knowledge of her field and a drive for increasing customer satisfaction. Specializing in project management, Mrs. Ganster oversees all North American power conversion endeavors. Mrs. Ganster has worked with Siemens AG for over 30 years, having started with the company in high school and sought promotion within the organization. She was recently promoted to business manager. Her liquid cold product line has generated more than $100 million in revenue. Mrs. Ganster is a loving mother to two beautiful daughters, one of whom is majoring in business at The Pennsylvania State University, Erie. Her second daughter is a sophomore at The Pennsylvania State University at Trafford. Mrs. Ganster looks forward to continuing with the company and helping her daughters achieve their goals.

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Ivy R. Ganster

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