Heather L. Ody-Snyder

Heather L. Ody-SnyderTitle: Consultant

Company: Team Building, Leadership, Mentoring, School Achievement, Community Service

Location: Bensalem, PA

Heather L. Ody-Snyder is a Consultant with nearly four decades of professional experience under her belt; she specializes in team building, leadership, mentoring, school achievement, and community service. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ms. Ody-Snyder teaches others to shine in their designated capacities by giving them the tools they need to build on ever-expansive skill sets. She enforces consistent leadership and helps people to become successful organizers and managers by showing them how to build strong teams, work efficiently and effectively, and welcome new and innovative opportunities. She remains current of trends and developments in education and administration as a member of the National Association for Curriculum Development, the Bucks County School Administrators Association, and the National Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals. Ms. Ody-Snyder also enjoys lecturing and speaking publicly and exploring home design and decorating opportunities.

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Heather L. Ody-Snyder

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