Dr. Hani Rizk Abdu

Dr. Hani Rizk AbduTitle: Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: The True Christian Science Organization, St. Kyrillos VI World Academy | The Egyptian Messiah & Author of the True Christian Science Bible (17 books)

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

BROOKLYN, NY, June 6, 2013, Dr. Hani Rizk Abdu,The Egyptian Messiah & Author of the True Christian Science Bible (17 books), and President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officeer of The True Christian Science Organization at St. Kyrillos VI World Academy, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in authorship.

Dr. Abdu has a strong, long-standing passion for exploring, teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has revealed completely new concepts and is equally versed in the scientific, logical and spiritual dimensions. Guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit, he has written 17 books about the true Christian Science over a period of 30 years, from 1970 to 2000. Dr. Abdu describes the true Christian Science as given by God through Jesus Christ for the salvation of humankind. Dr. Abdu attempts to assert that scientific methods can be applied to religious studies. Many believe that science and religion do not mix, and that to believe in one, the other must be pushed aside. True Christian Science allows followers to believe in both science and religion.

Dr. Abdu states that the Bible comes from God, who is omniscient and omnipotent, and it is applicable to all generations of man. Its meaning can be uncovered by modern man through study and divine inspiration. He believes that because the Bible is universally applicable, it will stand up under the scrutiny of scientific investigation. He explains that even recent findings in the field of astronomy have begun to lead scientists back to the Bible. Once science and religion have been shown to be compatible, Dr. Abdu believes that emotionalism can be dispensed with, along with sects, churches and other unnatural divisions in Christianity. He believes that this will connect followers with a true Christian science. He describes Christian psychology as a comprehensive view of human development under Christ’s banner, exploring the spiritual energy field in which human beings function. Equipped with an understanding of scriptures, as well as scientific developments, Dr. Abdu endeavors to present a comprehensive view of mankind’s total development. His underlying fundamental thesis is that the human being was created in the likeness of God. Based on this premise, Dr. Abdu describes the three dimensions of the Divine Trinity, comparing the father, son and Holy Spirit to man’s existence in soul, body and spirit. As he considers the three dimensions of the human being, Dr. Abdu explores the energy field in which man functions, identifying the waves of good and evil spiritual energy that affect emotions, sensations and sentiments.

Dr. Abdu has authored the following books:

 “God’s Mercy,” Published in Egypt (2000)

 “Judgment,” Published in Egypt (1999)

 “Eternal Life,” Published in Egypt (1998)

 “The Kingdom of Heaven,” Published in Egypt (1997)

 “The True Christ and the False Christ,” Published in Egypt (1996)

 “The Image of the Spiritual Heavenly Body,” Published in Egypt (1996)

 “The Logic of the Christian Religion,” Published in Egypt (1995)

 “Christian Salvation,” Published in Egypt (1995)

 “Christian Faith,” Published in Egypt (1994)

 “Christian Thought,” Published in Egypt (1993)

 “Human Codes & Satanic 666 Code,” Published in Egypt (1985)

 “Satanic War,” Published in Egypt (1983)

 “The True Christian Science,” Published in the United States (1981)

 “Christian Psychology,” Published in the United States (1981)

 “Christian Medicine,” Published in Egypt (1979)

 “Principles of Christian Religion,” Published in Egypt (1976)

 “Christian Morality,” Published in Egypt (1976)

 “The Three Dimensions & Seven Energies of God & Man,” Published in Egypt (1973)

 “Jesus Christ in His Divinity,” Published in Egypt (1970)

Dr. Abdu’s quantitative analysis of human behavior provides equations for human conduct and depicts the capacities of human energy and dimensions. The importance of divine energy in human life and the understanding of Scriptural truth in man’s existence are the foundation of Christian psychology. The True Christian Science logo is a combination of the keystone of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus Christ; the early civilization, Egypt; and modern science and freedom, the Statue of Liberty. The logo depicts Christ standing on the top of the three great pyramids of Egypt, which symbolize early science and religion; the statue of the sphinx; and the ankh, the key of life in ancient Egypt. The three pyramids are a symbol of the Trinity. The Sphinx is a symbol for the incarnation of the Son of God in the human body. The ankh is a symbol for the cross and therefore also for salvation and eternal life. The logo represents St. Kyrillos VI World Academy and Defend Christianity Egyptian American Foundation.

In his exclusive EliteAMERICAN Executives interview, Dr. Abdu said, “the most rewarding aspect of my career is to witness the changes that occur to the devotees and the churches as a result of knowing and understanding ‘The True Christian Science Bible’ (17 books). It is an individual way of salvation through personal understanding, and a collective way of salvation through the unification of the churches in one thought, that is ‘The True Christian Science’.”  When asked what factors have made him a success in his executive leadership and authorship role, Dr. Abdu said, “a significant factor that has made me a success in my field is that I have a strong and persistent passion to explore, teach and preach the Gospel in a scientific, logical and spiritual perspective. I reveal totally new concepts equally versed in the latest scientific developments and the understanding of the Holy Scripture. This new methodology has been written in the 17 books of ‘The True Christian Science Bible’ over a span of 30 years.”

Dr. Abdu also revealed what he likes most about being an author. “I like writing Christian and philosophical books, and teaching and preaching Christianity. Also, I would like to execute the enormous unique ideas published in the 17 books of ‘The True Christian Science Bible’ in a technical approach such as with programs, analytical data, applications, and devices. These products can be helpful in dealing with religious, ethical, social, cultural, and psychological conflicts. This approach will be the True Christology Church Service.” Dr. Abdu feels that his depth of understanding, honesty in explaining the truth, breadth of knowledge, integrity in revealing the facts, and his ability to unify the different individual thoughts in one collective thought sets him apart from others in his field.

When offering advice to others who want to be successful in his field, Dr. Abdu said, “I have learned the way of success is to continue creating new unique ideas, and execute them in new distinguished accomplishments. Also, I explore the new abilities that are generated in my energetic field (mind, heart and soul), and ask God to inspire me to express them in a way of success.”

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