Evelyn L. Shapiro

722e320dcaeb442da37e87cc2da1d46bTitle: Governing Board Member

Company: Isaac School District

Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Evelyn L. Shapiro is a Governing Board Member of the Isaac School District. Renowned for her effective communication skills and ability to build strong mentoring relationships, Mrs. Shapiro oversees the development of the school district, and implements programs for students who speak other languages. The award-winning school board executive lends years of knowledge and experience to a role that enables her to champion initiatives of public schools, which are to provide valuable resources to children. Mrs. Shapiro was named to the Arizona School Board Association from 2002 to the present, granted an Award for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community by Congressman Ed Pastor in 2012, and given a National President of the Year Award in 1990. Mrs. Shapiro recently had a federal grant passed in order to build a bridge in the community so that pedestrians could walk across a busy street. The bridge has now been named the Ed Pastor Pedestrian Bridge.

Evelyn L. Shapiro was originally selected for inclusion in EliteAMERICAN Executives in February 2012. We are proud to be featuring Mrs. Shapiro again in EliteAMERICAN Executives for 2014-15.

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Evelyn L. Shapiro

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