Estrella Harrington

Estrella HarringtonTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Coastal Living Entertainment and Dining

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach, CA, March 25, 2011, Estrella Harrington, Chief Executive Officer of Coastal Living Entertainment and Dining, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in catering services.

Celebrating more than two decades of experience in food service industry, Ms. Harrington believes that her success is a result of her perseverance and the support she receives from the people around her. As the chief executive officer of Coastal Living Entertainment and Dining, she oversees catering facilities for a variety of events, including birthdays, weddings and charity events, fundraising for political events and festivals. Ms. Harrington has garnered many awards for her passion for her profession, and ability to go above and beyond to satisfy her clients’ needs. She was named best caterer by the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce and Talk of the Town Caterer by the city of Laguna Beach in 2009, as well as the Fox 11 Award for Best Small Business in 2008.

Outside of her work with her company, she lends her support to The Art of Healing, David Bradley Wick Foundation, Primary Intervention Program and Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc. She enjoys reading novels, drawing and visiting Montana with her husband in her leisure time.

Moving forward, Ms. Harrington intends to expand the business and become more involved with Nutriceuticals. She would also like to manage her cousin’s health and beauty business.

Estrella Harrington was originally selected for inclusion in Elite American Executives in March, 2011.  We are proud to be featuring Ms. Harrington again in Elite American Executives for 2011/2012.

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Estrella Harrington

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