Elizabeth Fleming

Elizabeth FlemingTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: 1st Choice Compliance, Inc.

Location: Albany, GA

Elizabeth Fleming is the Chief Executive Officer of 1st Choice Compliance, Inc., a premier consulting firm which offers system inspections for gas stations on above and underground tanks, as well as testing, repairs and compliance services. With a refined background in business administration and Microsoft systems, Ms. Fleming shines at the helm of the firm by ensuring that top of the line, quality solutions are being offered. She is responsible for interfacing with large clients, and managing the business, which includes a staff of 30 employees. Over the course of a career that has spanned nearly two decades, Ms. Fleming has developed a sophisticated skill set, which has allowed her to thrive professionally. Ms. Fleming began working with tank installations through Mark Chemical. She installed tanks according to state specifications and monitored them for violations. Afterward, she joined a local environmental firm. She has attended the National Tank Conference for tank education and completed a great deal of on-the-job training. She has participated in numerous speaking engagements on environmental release detection methods. Ms. Fleming feels that she has been able to accomplish her professional goals due to her drive, initiative, and motivation to climb to the top.

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Elizabeth Fleming

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