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Edna CarrollTitle: President | Owner | Writer

Company: Carroll Management Company, Inc. | Graham and Carroll Shooting Preserve, Inc. | Edna B. Carroll

Location: Smoaks, SC

Smoaks, South Carolina | October 19, 2010 | Edna B. Carroll has been recognized by Elite American Executives for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of her career.

Edna B. Carroll is truly a “Jane of all trades.” Demonstrating a unique energy, she possesses specialized expertise in a variety of distinct industries. Ms. Carroll not only serves as president of the Carroll Management Company, Inc., an accounting and tax preparation firm, but she is also a partner at the Graham and Carroll Shooting Preserve.

With an associate degree in accounting, earned in 1999, Ms. Carroll possesses nearly three decades of accounting experience within federal guidelines. As president of the Carroll Management Company, Inc., she is charged with the responsibility of submitting reports and dealing with farm service agencies. At the Graham and Carroll Shooting Preserve, she oversees the hunting of whitetail deer.

Additionally, Ms. Carroll owns a private farm and has become an established author. With agriculture flowing strongly through her veins (she was raised on a farm), Ms. Carroll maintains and manages a 5,000 acre farm expanse. While many would view her daily routine – which includes planting wildlife habitat patches, driving a tractor and checking the timber of 2,250 acres of pine – as labor intensive, Ms. Carroll regards her chores as favorite pastimes.

With a full docket of activities, it is difficult to believe that Ms. Carroll would have time for, well, anything else. But she is a published author, having written nearly 100 poems and an autobiography about her life on the farm entitled, “Rum Gully Roots.”

When asked what the most gratifying aspect of career was, Ms. Carroll responded “enjoying the rewards of hard work and staying ahead of my peers.” With two companies, a farm, and a blossoming writing career, Ms. Carroll is not just a competitive professional – she is in a league of her own.

For more information, please visit Ms. Carroll’s website http://www.ednabcarroll.

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