Dwan Thomas-Flowers

Dwan Thomas-FlowersTitle: Senior Health Information Management Consultant

Company: Deloitte Consulting, LLP (External)

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Dwan Thomas-Flowers is the senior health information management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, LLP. Ms. Thomas-Flowers is an external consultant with the firm and has become an integral part of its success. She has a varied background in the health care sector and garnered 26 years of professional experience throughout her illustrious career. A passionate and dedicated individual, Ms. Thomas-Flowers has honed her skills in health information administration, disease classification, and coding. In her independent consulting role, she is responsible for overseeing the charge capture and coding management sections of patient financial services, integrating and cross-training staff members in both the hospital and physician office coding and billing environments, ensuring that the most current coding practices are in use, coordinating the telecommuting task force to evaluate remote coding, recognizing and allocating revenues in an accurate and timely manner, and budgeting. Aside from her consulting work, Ms. Thomas-Flowers was interviewed by the radio station WCGL about the topic of women making history. She also gives lectures on resume writing to potential doctoral and other health industry students. Ms. Thomas-Flowers is a certified community education presenter, registered health information administrator, and certified coding specialist who attributes her success to her love for helping people and her personal responsibility.

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Dwan Thomas-Flowers

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