Dr. Steven A. Vladem

Dr. Steven A. VlademTitle: Motivational Speaker, Author, Executive Producer

Company: Professional Speakers Bureau International

Location: Evanston, IL

Evanston, Illinois | November 18, 2010 | Dr. Steven A. Vladem, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Executive Producer with Professional Speakers Bureau International, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for his dedication, achievements, and leadership in talent management and networking services.


After overcoming numerous obstacles to achieve his goals and success, Dr. Vladem chose to dedicated his career to inspiring and helping others to achieve their goals. Dr. Vladem worked as an instructor and administrator for 24 years in the education field in both mathematics and computer science departments, and he was pivotal in the design of various computer-assisted instruction techniques. Currently he focuses on conducting motivational speeches and video production. He is currently working on three films, one based on his personal life and another based on people who inspired him to succeed.


He is the author of, “Second Sight,” an inspirational first-hand account of his struggle with blindness. Dr. Vladem works to establish unique “flying eye banks” programs and transplant procurement centers in remote parts of the world, where transplantation is not currently being performed. Attributing his success to his persistence, Dr. Vladem is dedicated to serve his community and motivate disabled individuals. A s a motivational speaker he strives to help inspire others to help those who are not as fortunate, for instance, he has arranged for high school students in his community to volunteer at hospitals, charitable institutions and government organizations.


Dr. Vladem received an honorary Doctorate of Science in applied research in 1993, he earned a Ph.D. in computer education in 1992, Master of Arts in educational administration and supervision in 1975, Master of Education in mathematics in 1973, and he graduated with honors in 1970 with a Bachelor of Arts. His dedication to his industry has earned him vast recognition, including the Torch for Global Inspiration Award in 2000, Champion in Alzheimer’s Research Award from the Alzheimer’s Association in 2000, Nominee for the Colonel’s Way Award from the State of Illinois in 2000, Induction in the Business Hall of Fame at the Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry in 1990. He has held various positions and affiliations with many organization in his industry, including holding positions as an Emmy Judge for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, an Editorial Advisory Board Deputy Governor for the American Biographical Institute Research Association, on the Board of Governors for the International Platform Association, a Life Fellow of the United Writers’ Association in Madras, India, Deputy Director General for the International Biographical Association in Cambridge, England, Secretary General for the United Cultural Convention, a Knight Commander of the Order of the Lofsensic Ursinus Order, Count of the Order of San Ciriaco, Italy, and Former Council Member of the London Diplomatic Academy. He also holds affiliations with the Toastmasters International, the World University Roundtable, the Center for Public Intellectuals, the International Parliament for Safety and Peace in Palermo and Sicily, and the International Order of Merit. Dedicated to serving his community, Dr. Vladem volunteers his expertise and skills as a Support Group Leader and Outreach Volunteer with the National Keratoconus Foundation in Los Angeles, California, as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Coalition for Health Care Reform, and as a volunteer with the Arts Association.


For more information on Dr. Vladem and his experiences, please visit his personal website at http://www.drstevenvladem.com.

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Dr. Steven A. Vladem

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