Don Wismer

Don WismerTitle: Executive Director of Education and Shows

Company: Creative Department, SalonQuest, LLC

Location: Chagrin Falls, OH

Chagrin Falls, Ohio, December 21, 2010, Don Wismer, Executive Director of Education and Shows, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in public relations and marketing.

For nearly two decades, Mr. Wismer has worked for SalonQuest, LLC, a manufacturing company of Aquage haircare and beauty products. As the executive director of education and shows, he is responsible for promoting education and providing training on the priming, styling, thermalizing, texturizing and finishing hair products that the company develops. Further, Mr. Wismer serves as an integral asset to the creative department by spearheading fashion shows, events, and television and magazine advertisements. His creativity and ability to be analytical has broadened his perspective as an event planner; notably, he was responsible for teaming up with the Human Rights Campaign for their “Dare to Care” fashion event, which met with its mission is to raise awareness about teen suicide.

By going against the grain and believing that “no does not always mean no,” Mr. Wismer put his blood, sweat and tears into becoming an inspiring executive. Every opportunity that he has been fortunate enough to pursue, along with every door that has been shut in his face, has shaped his career and motivated his long hours of hard work. By remaining appreciative throughout his tenure, Mr. Wismer retained the ability to understand and learn the importance of looking at the bigger picture. Likewise, his never-give-up attitude contributed substantially to the development of his expertise in public relations and marketing.

Mr. Wismer earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Cleveland State University in 1994. After completing an internship with Matrix Salon, he familiarized himself with industry trends by affiliating with the Professional Beauty Association and Intercoiffure. From there, his career flourished and allowed him to travel extensively, meet celebrities and grow with the company. Named Professional of the Year in Marketing and Public Relations by Cambridge Who’s Who, and Model Citizen by WNWN Magazine, Mr. Wismer’s accomplishments have solidified his reputation as a forerunner in his field.

When advising others emerging in the beauty industry, Mr. Wismer implores them to “never take the easy way out.” A believer that you make your own destiny, he also recommends that anyone serious about the profession ought to complete proper training. In the long term, there needs to be a balance between knowledge and experience that can only be attained through education. The greatest piece of advice Mr. Wismer has received and implemented into his work has been very simple: “Remain humble and be strong.”

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Don Wismer

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