Dianna Neil

Dianna NeilTitle: Food Director

Company: Providence Baptist Church

Location: Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina | October 28, 2010 | Dianna Neil, Food Director of the Child Development Center for Providence Baptist Church, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for her dedication, achievements, and leadership in the food and beverage industry.

Specializing in culinary services, Dianna Neil has over 30 years experience organizing and planning meals, cooking, and catering. This year marks her 10th anniversary as Food Director at the Providence Baptist Church, a position that holds her responsible for organizing and planning meals, catering for church events, managing paperwork and billing. When she is not cooking for Providence Baptist Church, Ms. Neil lends her talents to the Department of Social Services so that disabled and foster children might have enough to eat. This dedication to the service of others has earned her various recognitions from various restaurants. She initially became involved in her profession through her professional experience at restaurants. She regards her two greatest achievements to date to be attaining the position of Director and being placed in charge of lunch operations at a peace conference held for Israelis and Palestinians in April of 2010. She credits her success as a chef to the support of her mother and regards having the opportunity to cater for church events to be the most rewarding aspect of her career. As she moves forward, she will look to continue in this function.

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Dianna Neil

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