Delores Smith-Johnson

Delores Smith-JohnsonTitle: Staff Development Coordinator

Company: Family Independence Administration Division, New York City Human Resources Administration

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Delores Sarah Smith-Johnson is the Staff Development Coordinator for the Family Independence Administration Division of the New York City Human Resources Administration. With a sophisticated background in staff training, Ms. Smith-Johnson is able to effectively guide staff members, applicants and participants of different agencies at various locations through processes, direct them on how to process cases, and clarify for them structured frameworks, which include revised policies and procedures. In her current capacity, she is also responsible for training staff members on how to direct applicants to make individual settings, and for ensuring members of staff maintain the process of cases. Renowned for her strong leadership and troubleshooting skills, Ms. Smith-Johnson attributes her success to the support she receives from her excellent managers, and to her willingness to reach out and help individuals in need.

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Delores Smith-Johnson

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