Deborah Leavy Homola, MS of Ed.

20140726_004521_8_bestshotTitle: Specializing in Latin and Classical Humanities and Mathematics

Location: Torrington, CT, United States

Deborah Leavy Homola, MS of Ed. is a former senior high school and community college teacher. She is currently is a part time teacher at Torington High School.  Specializing in Latin and in mathematics, Ms. Homola has garnered a reputation of prominence and distinction over the course of her career for her outstanding efforts, and for her ambition, love of learning, and high level of curiosity. She is a recipient of a myriad of awards and accolades, including She was a Salutatorian of Jonathan High Law School in 1968. She graduated summa cum laude from Albertus Magnus College in 1972.  She received her Master of Science in education, with honors, majored in secondary education with a specialization in mathematics.  Her love of Latin was fostered by her extremely dedicated high school Latin teacher, Mrs. Marian Stone. Miss Bree, the classics department chairwoman at Albertus Magnus College and Sister Mary Faith Dargan were both important influences in her interest in the Classics. Mathematics has always appealed to her due to its logic and she finds a strong correlation between the logic of mathematics and the precise nature of both the Latin and Greek languages.

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Deborah Leavy Homola, MS

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