David P. Jones III

David P. Jones IIITitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Nethounds.net, LLC

Location: Magdelena, NM, United States

David P. Jones III is the Chief Executive Officer of Nethounds.net, LLC, a consulting and outsourcing company offering technology solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses, rural health clinics and K-12 schools. At his current post, Mr. Jones is in charge of working with Native American reservations, setting up programs and software, and overseeing school programs. He specializes in information technology, and makes the most of his more than 29 years of professional experience to ensure that the business’ operations are always running smoothly. In 1981, Mr. Jones started working with the Commodore Pet, Tandy TRS-80, and Apple II. From 1981 to 1982, he set up the hardware for the schools and local companies. Due to the lack of ready-made programs at that time, he began to write basic programs for the companies. He received many certifications.

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David P. Jones III

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