David Culberson

David CulbersonTitle: Warehouse Manager

Company: American Signature Furniture

Location: Lenior City, TN

David Culberson is the Warehouse Manager for American Signature Furniture. An expert in warehouse oversight, leadership development and project management, Mr. Culberson combines his skills in order to ensure that processes are being run smoothly and efficiently. He oversees the loading of tractors and trailers, organizes and prepares furniture for transportation, and prepares furniture for customer pickup. He performs administrative duties, conducts meetings with operation managers, and makes certain that customers are satisfied at all times. In addition to his managerial duties, Mr. Culberson answers inquiries, and ensures that the shop is running in an orderly fashion. Mr. Culberson has been awarded for his efforts; he received an Award for Five Years of Service from American Signature Furniture, and with 15 years of professional experience under his belt, he continues to strive for excellence in his endeavors with the company.

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David Culberson

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