Corlea Plowman

Corlea PlowmanTitle: Executive Director

Company: Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Location: Austin, TX, United States

After 33 and a half years of working as an educator, Corlea Plowman retired from the industry and started working in business administration. It was at this time that she was presented with the opportunity to work for Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Today, she serves as the nonprofit agency’s executive director where she is responsible for conducting the business for the society with the direction from the administrative board, signing contracts, and handling the daily operations. Ms. Plowman also serves on committees and boards, and acts as a corporate secretary for the DKG and the corporate treasurer for the DKG Educational Foundation, as well as the secretary treasurer for DKG Supporting Organization. Her ability to see projects through to completion and her dedication to her work have enabled her to achieve great success over the past seven years at DKG. For her work, Ms. Plowman received numerous awards and has earned the respect of her colleagues and peers. In the near future, Ms. Plowman plans to continue nurturing and expanding the organization and its reach.

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Corlea Plowman

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