Clark Y. Hall III

Clark Y.  Hall IIITitle: Chief Executive Officer, Owner

Company: Frascati Shops, Inc.

Location: Mobile, AL

Mobile, Alabama | November 11, 2010 | Clark Y. Hall III, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Frascati Shops, Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Executives for his dedication, achievements, and leadership in business management.


Frascati Shops, Inc. is a railcar service center that offers railroad car service and repair. As the CEO and Owner, Clark Y. Hall, also known as “Corky”, oversees daily operations. With over 55 years of professional experience, Mr. Hall established Frascati Shops, Inc. in 1992, and he attributes his success to his integrity, character, and total commitment to success. Prior to his current position, Mr. Hall worked for the railroad for 30 years. He also spent some time as a manager of Contel Cellular’s first storefront retail operation and was seen as one of the company’s career pioneers. After being relocated to Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Hall successfully tapped into a heavily desired market and secured work for Contel Cellular with some of the top companies in the local area. But his dream was to open a business of his own, so 18 years ago he moved back to Mobile, Alabama to fulfill this dream. Over the years Mr. Hall has achieved vast success, however his greatest accomplishment and highlight of his career was the successful relocation of Frascati Shops Inc. to its current location. Mr. Hall admits “this move was critical, as the Alabama State Port Authority announced plans to build a new $300 million container terminal in 2007 and gave us notice to vacate our leased facility no later than September 30, 2009. Our only options were to dissolve the business and let the employees go, or develop a plan and attempt to save the business and the 30 jobs it supported. We leveraged all we had, and successfully relocated and rebuilt.”


Mr. Hall enjoys having control of his own destiny as the owner of a business and intends to keep growing Frascati Shops, Inc. Mr. Hall has been a valued expert in railcar service, a major accomplishment for him. He even had the opportunity to introduce a prototype he developed for railcar service centers in the future. He holds a Certification in Transportation and Traffic Management and an M-1003 Certification from the Association of American Railroads. He has been honored with various awards and honors for his dedication and hard work, including “The Future 30” Small Business Award from the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce in 1995, the Tower Award for General Manager of the Year from Contel Cellular in 1988, Outstanding Performer from Contel Cellular in 1987, and Honorary Harbor Master from the Port of New Orleans in 1985. His leadership as owner and CEO of Frascati Shops, Inc. has not gone unnoticed. He and his business have been the feature of various articles over the years, including “On the Fast Track for Growth” feature article of the Alabama Seaport, the Official Magazine of the Alabama State Port Authority released in March and April of 2010.


Currently, Mr. Hall operates Frascati Shops, Inc. with his son, Clark Y. Hall IV. Mr. Hall believes the key to success is attributed to a belief in yourself; he states “believing in yourself is an endless destination. Believing you have failed is the end of your journey.”

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Clark Y.  Hall III

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