Chad P. Effinger

Chad P. EffingerTitle: Director of Operations

Company: DW-National Standard-Stillwater

Location: Stillwater, OK, United States

Chad P. Effinger is the Director of Operations for DW-National Standard-Stillwater, an industrial wire manufacturing company, and leading provider of weld and tire bead wire and other industrial wire products. A refined and sophisticated background in the areas of accounting, finance and operations allows Mr. Effinger to shine at his current post, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. He is primarily in charge of ensuring that the overall operations are running smoothly, and maintaining efficient production of the facility. He schedules production, ensures that orders leave the facility in a timely manner, and handles employee relations and staff management initiatives, as well. Mr. Effinger has garnered a reputation of distinction for his strong understanding of how decisions impact the bottom line, and for his strengths in working with companies in distress, and getting them back on track.

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Chad P. Effinger

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