Carolyn Abbott

Carolyn AbbottTitle: Marketing Communications

Company: Aerial Surveillance, Security & Intelligence Systems Technologies-U.S., LLC

Location: Concord, NH

Carolyn Abbott is head of Marketing and Communications for the Sales and Marketing division of Aerial Surveillance, Security & Intelligence Systems Technologies-U.S., LLC. Specializing in market research and communications allows Ms. Abbott to identify and track federal, state and local leads and opportunities for the sales team, and ensure the stability of the Northeast Region’s renowned full-motion aerial video imagery and analysis services provider. She is also responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s website, social media pages, and blogs, and supporting the sales team by editing business communications and proposals. Additionally, Ms. Abbott provides materials for trade shows, conferences and sales meetings, creates and publishes monthly emails to prospects and customers, and performs ongoing competitive research on the Internet. Ms. Abbott has spent more than 30 years as a training and performance improvement specialist, information and instructional designer, and business communications consultant in the high-tech industry. In those roles, she has worked both as a corporate employee and as a consultant.

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Carolyn Abbott

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