Carol McCoy

Carol McCoyTitle: Personnel Director

Company: Amalgamated Sugar Company, LLC

Location: Twin Falls, ID

Carol A. McCoy is the Personnel Director for Amalgamated Sugar Company, LLC. At the helm of the district’s personnel division, Ms. McCoy is responsible for recruiting employees, promoting employee relations, and managing workers’ compensation. Ms. McCoy has served as the District Personnel Manager for more than 20 years. Her expertise includes but is not limited to human resource management, hiring, recruiting, promoting employee relations, and managing workers’ compensation. With an abundance of knowledge and experience that she is able to maximize in her current capacity, Ms. McCoy strives to support the mission of the company to provide high quality amalgamated sugar products, and she does so by ensuring that the company runs smoothly by hiring key personnel and focusing on talent and effective business solutions by utilizing valuable recruitment tools and processes.

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Carol McCoy

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