C. Hilgartner

C. HilgartnerTitle: Director

Company: Hilgartner & Associates

Location: Kirksville, MT

Over the last 63 years, C. Hilgartner has developed an expertise in the general theory of biology based on mathematics. His interest in scientific research and desire to create awareness about the inadequate theories of human behavior sparked the creation of his own consulting firm, Hilgartner & Associates. As director, he is responsible for collaborating with other professionals in the field to draw conclusions and publish findings with the hope of providing a gateway to long-term survival of the human species. An award-winning executive, Dr. Hilgartner holds an MD from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College. At the age of 78, Dr. Hilgartner does not intend to slow down his research any time soon.

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C. Hilgartner

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