BK Allen

BK AllenTitle: Managing Partner

Company: BA Realty Advisors, LLC

Location: Chicago, IL

BK Allen is the managing partner of BA Realty Advisors, LLC, a real estate agency that provides commercial real estate services on an international level. Ms. Allen has been involved in the real estate industry for the past 41 years and has garnered a strong reputation for her asset and investment management skills. In her role, she consults with clients, lectures at local universities, and sources new clients for projects. Ms. Allen also gifts real estate to nonprofit 501-C3 charities throughout the United States. She thoroughly enjoys her work and gets great satisfaction out of seeing her projects completed. A certified commercial investment member, she was the first female president of the Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) Institute. She has been involved with CCIM since 1980, and continues to serve on its executive committee and board of directors. Ms. Allen believes her strong passion for the industry and dedication to her work have made her an industry leader who is often sought after for advice and guidance. She plans on continuing her work and assisting her clients with their real estate needs for many years to come.

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BK Allen

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