Alvin Grose

Alvin GroseTitle: Business Development and Custom Equipment Manager

Company: Becker Mining America

Location: Huntington, WV, United States

Alvin L. Grose is the Business Development and Custom Equipment Manager for Becker Mining America, a premier mining equipment supply company and provider of electrical equipment including switch houses, power centers, transformers and PLC controls. As account manager for the Northeast territory, Mr. Grose utilizes a vast expertise in sales and marketing to handle business development initiatives, to increase company revenue, and to develop markets for the company. He is also responsible for receiving input on new products, and for training and mentoring the sales team. Mr. Grose has spent nearly 40 years refining a sharpened skill set in sales and marketing, and he continues to strive for excellence in his every endeavor. Inspired by an innate enjoyment of the challenges that come with developing a market and competing with other companies, Mr. Grose was prompted to follow a career path that has led him toward his current role with Becker Mining America. He is most proud of being recruited by this company and being successful in his position.

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Alvin Grose

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